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What we do

We rid your yard of mosquitoes and midges by doing a full property inspection and developing an individual treatment plan for your backyard.

We use sound scientific knowledge & a bit of common sense to understand where the pests are most problematic before we determine which treatment plan would be most suited to your situation.

The most common treatment plans for mosquitoes and midges are either Barrier Treatments or Automated Systems.

Barrier Spray Treatments

Barrier Spray Treatment Plans controls 90% or more of your insect problems. A licensed technician will establish a strategic barrier around your property to kill and repel these pests. 



Automated Systems

Fully automated mosquito & midge spray treatment systems are ideal for ongoing pest control. A technician will complete the installation & provide ongoing maintenance and support as required. 


For Your Home

Stop spraying your family with harmful insect repellents! We treat your entire yard & around the house where mosquitoes and midges harbour or breed.

For Commercial & Events

Planning the perfect event? Workplace productivity suffering due to mosquitos and midges? We have custom solutions that can help you!

EnjoY the outdoors 


We have been helping people reclaim their backyards for over 7 years.

It is wonderful to hear the stories of people holding outdoor barbeques or gatherings without being bitten by mosquitoes or midges.


From Our Clients

Our clients love to share how their life has changed since their backyards have been free of mosquitoes and midges! They have truly been able to claim back the outdoors and embrace bite-free living once again. 

“The team from Green Frog Misting are fantastic. Previously I would never have dreamed of sitting outside in the late afternoon or evening because of the midges. Since having Green Frog Misting treating my yard monthly we can finally enjoy our yard again!”

Robyn – Broadbeach Waters

“My children never wanted to play in our backyard after school in the afternoons because of our midge problem. Since having our barrier sprays done my kids are playing outside again. Happy mum!”

Larnie - Sanctuary Cove

“We were at the point of listing our home for sale due to excessive mosquitos and midges, until Green Frog Misting came and did a barrier spray. This stuff works and we couldn’t be happier”. 

Gordon - Ormiston

“We love being able to entertain in our backyard again. I have recommended Green Frog Misting to all my friends. 10/10 service!”

Christopher - Everton Hills

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mosquitoes & midges from your yard!

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