Mosquito & Midge Treatments

We approach your Mosquito and Midge problem on an individual basis. No one solution fits all situations so we rely on a combination of our sound scientific knowledge and common sense.

Our 3 step approach will ensure a thorough understanding of the problem followed with the right treatment plan to rid your backyard of those nuisance pests.

We offer a variety of mosquito and midge control treatment plans for:

  • Residential Homes & Gardens
  • Commercial Buildings & Outdoor Areas
  • Holiday Hotels & Resorts
  • Event Facilities & Outdoor Spaces
  • & Any Other Spaces Requiring Mosquito & Midge Control!

Our Barrier Treatments programs controls 90% or more of your mosquito & midge problems! 

With a barrier spray, a licensed technician will come to your home and create a strategic barrier around the property using our specialised formula to kill and repel the mosquitoes and midges. 

Homeowners do not need to be home during our treatment.  We will leave you a notice after each treatment which takes between 30-45 minutes to complete. Your yard will be safe to use 30 minutes after treatment.

Our Automated Systems release 140 seconds of spray per day to control mosquitoes and midges!

Our systems spray a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of misting nozzles installed on your property. This system can be customised to fully integrate with your landscape, being virtually invisible to the eye.  

As one of the market leaders in Australia, we pride ourselves in having well-trained professionals who strategically install and professionally maintain your automated mosquito and midge misting system. 

How it works

Barrier Treatments

As we all know South East Queensland and the Northern parts of New South Wales are inundated with disease ridden mosquitoes and the nasty biting midges.

As with mosquitoes, biting midges has become one of the most severe insect problems in our area. 

Residual chemical sprays can be applied to places where biting midges may rest, such as the walls of your house, shade-cloth awnings, insect screens and vegetation to help reduce adult numbers.

Some residual spray products can control biting midges for up to 6 weeks, depending on environmental conditions.

Our treatments are safe for your family, pets & plants!

We treat your entire yard & house where mosquitoes and midges harbour or breed (adult & larva treatment included).  

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